About Quan Lanae Green


I'm Quan Lanae Green and I absolutely love blogging! It's my way of connecting to the world and sharing the things I've learned and experienced in life.

I was raised in the housing projects of Poughkeepsie, New York and grew up quite poor - and ghetto. Over the years, I've attained a great deal of success in business and in my personal life and I've accomplished things that most people only dream about. I've gone from ghetto to fabulous and I want to inspire and empower others to do the same. Indeed, I'm a living representation of what life is like once you finally crossover and begin experiencing the finer things in life.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, I blog about things I'm passionate about including travel, upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, fabulous events, beauty, and fashion; but, I also write about my own personal struggles and triumphs. Every blog post is written with love in order to inspire and encourage you to be your best and reach your highest potential in all areas of your life.

This blog is only a snapshot of my past and present life. However, I have written a book entitled From Poughkeepsie to Paris: A Ghetto Girl's Journey to Becoming a Fabulous Woman that reveals details about things I experienced as a child in the ghetto and how I overcame them in order to become a successful and accomplished woman. I'll be sure to make an announcement on my blog and social media once the book is ready for purchase.

I believe every person on this planet was created for greatness. I believe God created all of us with a divine purpose in mind. My purpose is to inspire others to do great things for God and I pray this blog will inspire YOU to do the same!

With love,

Quan Lanae Green

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