What It's Like Writing Your Life Story

September 06, 2017

Hey, Fabs!

This week on Conversations with Quan, I had a wonderful talk w/ Shawana Brooks who is currently writing her first book! 

Shawana is a 27-year-old woman whose parents were drug dealers. She was sexually abused by an uncle, horribly beaten by a boyfriend, became homeless, and had to raise her younger sister after her mother died.
She's now a department chair at an academy, a teacher of biology, CEO of a non-profit, and uses her story to empower others.

I wanted to talk to her because, like so many of you, she has gone through a lot and her story deserves to be shared.
In the video below you'll hear about her journey to becoming an author and what it's like writing her first book. If you've ever entertained the thought of writing a book, you absolutely must watch this video. It's so inspiring.

With Love,

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