Fabulous Restaurants: Local Republic Atlanta

October 03, 2017

Hey, Fabs!

Yesterday I happened to come across a FABULOUS new restaurant in downtown Lawrenceville called Local Republic. I was trying to find a location to interview Chari and Dane (more about them later) and saw the restaurant's amazing industrial-chic outdoor space.  It was the perfect backdrop for our interview, so I set my camera up there and decided to call it a shoot.

The restaurant was closed at the time; however, a few minutes before I wrapped my interview, Robin, the restaurant's gracious hostess, came out to see if we needed anything. I told her I was doing an interview for my YouTube channel  and she was surprisngly intrigued by that. It was the perfect opportunity to tell her about my blog and my interest in informing you about places you can go to live life fabulously. And, well, the Local Republic restaurant is clearly one of those places.

Robin allowed me to take a quick tour of the restaurant before any customers arrived. I entered in on the main level where I immediately noticed how warm and inviting the ambiance was. The incandescent lighting and the way it softened the exposed brick gave off the impression that this was a place that welcomed the hip, cool, and chic. In other words, it's not your grandmother's restaurant! Although, I'm sure she'd appreciate their shrimp and grits; which, I hear, are to die for!

As I made my way through the restaurant, I noticed the industrial theme was consistent at every turn; however, it didn't make me feel like I was in a factory. The harder industrial elements, like the brick walls and red steel, were met with classy and upscale elements, like tufted leather booths decorated with cushy designer pillows. It all came together to create a completely modern and stylish aesthetic. The design coupled with the restaurant's three levels and two bars gave me such cocktails-in-Manhattan vibes. The designers truly did an outstanding job.

Brian, one of the restaurant's cooks, invited me into the kitchen for a short conversation. He told me how they only use fresh ingredients ( aka no "frozen patties" here, folks) and the food is prepared from scratch each morning. He also spoke candidly about his passion for the food industry and how he puts love into every dish he prepares at Local Republic. The head chef, Chef Scott Smith, was at AmericasMart attending a food show. This tells us that Local Republic's kitchen staff are dedicated to mastering their craft, invested in ongoing education, and striving for excellence in their industry. We're so here for that, right?!

I highly suggest you head on up to Lawrenceville to dine at Local Republic. It's only 20 minutes from Atlanta and the prices are super affordable. Hello, $17 for filet mignon, mashed potatoes, onions, mushrooms, spinach and red wine demi!!!

For your photographic pleasure, I'm including a few pics from my tour of the restaurant below. You can also see a short YouTube video of the tour here.

You know I'm always looking for ways to inspire you. I hope this article has helped you to get a vision of how much of a fabulous dining experience you can have at Local Republic. I'll be posting more dining suggestions from restaurants in Atlanta and abroad soon - I'm leaving for India in less than two weeks by the way! I can't wait to bring you along with me through my social media posts, blog, and YouTube channel!

Until next time, Fabs, dream big and live life fabulously!

With love,

Quan Lanae Green

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